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Where is the Long Lake Watershed?

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Watershed districts are local, special-purpose units of government that work to solve and prevent water-related problems.  The boundaries of each district follow those of a natural watershed and consist of land in which all water flows to one outlet.  It includes the surface water--lakes, streams, reservoirs, and wetlands--and all the underlying ground water.   THE LONG LAKE WATERSHED IS 7,619 ACRES! It spans three towns - Orono, Medina and Long Lake, and is a sub-watershed within the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. It drains via Tanager Lake into Lake Minnetonka, and then into the Minnehaha Creek, and the Mississippi River.

Aquatic Invasive Species

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Learn how to protect Long Lake and its watershed from aquatic invasive species.

Where is Long Lake, Minnesota?

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Long Lake is located just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the towns of Long Lake and Orono.  It is part of the Long Lake Watershed, and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed, which flows through various tributaries into the Mississippi River.  The watershed is over 7,500 acres, and includes seven lakes, as well as many streams, creeks and wetlands. 

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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Learn more about Minnesota's boating and recreation regulations at MN Department of Natural Resources site.

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A one stop resource for fishing in Minnesota.

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