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Meet The Board:


Cassy Ordway, Chair


Sam Muldoon,
Vice Chair


Jane Davidson


Beth Bower


JoAnne Pastel


Janet Schaefer, Treasurer

Join the Board: 

We would love people with passion about the water quality and our community to take a leadership role in the organization, by joining the Board. If you are interested, please email us at for our nominating form.

Board level qualifications include a passion for improving the water quality within the watershed, an entrepreneurial spirit to help launch the organization, the ability to strategize and plan for growth, community connections, fundraising abilities and/or marketing, social media, writing, and financial skills. This is a “working board” – so, if you’d like to make a tangible difference in your local ecosystem, this is a great place to get involved. 

The time commitment is fairly low (monthly Board meetings, some limited work outside of those meetings, two annual Members meetings, and 1-2 volunteer shifts per year), but the potential for impact is high. 

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