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Rain Barrel Sale

 25% less than retail

Rain barrels capture water from roof tops and hold it for later use in watering lawns, gardens or indoor plants.  Capturing this water prevents it from flowing off your property.


In Spring of 2024, Long Lake Waters Association (LLWA) was excited to be able to offer rain barrels for sale in partnership with Harrisons Bay Association through the Recycling Association of Minnesota.


These rain barrels were available to residents in Long Lake, Orono and Medina and were distributed for pick up on May 4th in Mound, Minnesota. 


The point of having a rain barrel is to capture the water during a rain event for later use.  Rain barrels are installed underneath a downspout for your gutters where it will collect the rain. This water can be used for irrigating your flowers, trees, shrubs and lawn.  


Other benefits include:


  • Reduce run-off and erosion on your property.

  • Provide an alternative water source for landscape plants.

  • Reduce use of municipal water to water plants, which may lower your water bill.  With regular use it is estimated to save 1,400 gallons of water each year.

  • Rainwater is slightly acidic and may contain minerals that benefit plants.


The rain barrels retailed at $120 and were being offered through Recycling Association of MN for $90 +tax. 

By using rain barrels, help protect the seven lakes, wetlands and streams in the Long Lake Creek Watershed by keeping the stormwater run-off on your property, and to keep pollutants out of the overall watershed!


Click the link below to learn more about the rain barrels:!/Harrisons-Bay-Association-Black-Rain-Catcher-Long-Lake-Waters-Association/p/632153848/category=164584754



RAM Fact Sheet:

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