Help Manage Carp in Long Lake Creek Watershed!

Our fundraising goal is $10,000, to allow us to fund carp population management strategies to lower the number of carp in the Long Lake Creek Watershed.  These strategies could include installing barriers, continuing tracking, and implementing a removal. 



One of the key drivers of the poor water quality in the Long Lake Creek Watershed is the overabundance of invasive carp. These large, aggressive, non-native fish drive out native species like walleye and bluegill, and destroy the habitat for beneficial aquatic plants.  They stir up phosphorous that decreases water clarity and promotes algae growth.  They move throughout the entire seven lakes and many streams of the Long Lake Creek Watershed (fun fact: carp can move in < 2 inches of water!) and damage the ecosystem wherever they go.



Alarming Levels of Carp:

Last year, funds raised from friends and members supported implementation of Phase One of a 3-year radio tagging and carp tracking study to identify migration patterns and estimate the population size.  

Those population estimates are now coming in… and the news is alarming. 

Initial readings (Oct '18) suggest a population estimate of 10,000-24,000 carp, which is 4x the level that damages the ecosystem! 

2019 Fundraising Goal: $10,000!

In response, this year we are focused on raising funds to help us manage the carp population in the watershed.  If we can raise $10,000, we can pursue a variety of tactics to drive the population down to safe levels.  

  • We could hire commercial fishermen to net and extract the carp, potentially reducing the population by several tons.  

  • We could install fish barriers (carp dams) to decrease the movement of carp within the watershed.

  • We could purchase additional tracking devices, to identify the spawning grounds of the carp to interupt the breeding cycle (via stocking those breeding ponds with walleye). 

You can help!  

Any size donation makes a difference – Please consider supporting Long Lake Waters Association in our quest to improve water quality!


We are on a mission to protect and enhance the water quality within the Long Lake Watershed!

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About the Long Lake Creek Watershed:

The Long Lake Creek Watershed covers over 7,619 acres, and includes seven lakes (School, Holy Name, Mooney, Wolsfeld, Dickey's, Long Lake and Tanager on Lake Minnetonka), as well as all the surrounding streams and wetlands. It encompasses three cities (Medina, Orono and Long Lake) and over 6,000 households.  

Long Lake Creek Watershed is also the headwater for Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek, which in turn flows into the Mississippi River.  

Many Minnesota residents and visitors enjoy these lakes, streams and wetlands for fishing, boating, birding, swimming and hiking, but many don’t know that the Long Lake Creek watershed is seriously degraded, and its problems are impacting the downstream water bodies.


Seven Lakes * Three Cities * One Watershed

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