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As a LLWA Watershed Member you will receive: 

  • Voting membership in a community organization (over 18 only)

  • Invitation to Education Summit and other LLWA events 

  • The LLWA email newsletter 

  • Additional benefits as the organization evolves 

  • Your dues are considered a tax free donation 

There can be more than one “member in good standing” per household. Initial annual dues have been set at $25.00.








Join our mailing list

You can customize the amount you you wish to give at checkout (after you click "submit"), if you'd like to give a additional donation on top of your membership... we'd be ever so grateful!

Thank you for supporting the important work of Long Lake Waters Association - water quality effects us all! 


Any questions please contact :  And of course, if you prefer old-fashioned mail to the internet, you can always mail your dues to us directly.  Please make check payable to Long Lake Waters Association and send the application (available by download, below) to Long Lake Waters Association, P.O. Box 195, Long Lake, MN 55356. 


Non-dues paying members are also welcome. We invite you to join our mailing list, and attend all meetings; however, you will not be eligible to vote. 

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