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$112,000 BSWR Grant Obtained:


Recent data acquired via water and carp monitoring efforts by the Cities of Medina, Long Lake, and Orono, and Long Lake Waters Association provided the catalyst for the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) to apply for and obtain a $112,000 grant from the Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources (BSWR) to assess water quality issues and guide the implementation of water quality improvement projects in the Long Lake Creek Subwatershed.


This is very exciting news!

The subwatershed assessment will provide the partners with an implementation roadmap to begin addressing issues in the five impaired lakes. The identified projects will provide local partners with actionable projects to address poor water quality the Long Lake Creek Subwatershed. Ultimately, this will improve water quality and ecological health across the subwatershed, creating value and enjoyment for residents.


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About the Long Lake Creek Watershed:

The Long Lake Creek Watershed covers over 7,619 acres, and includes seven lakes (School, Holy Name, Lydiard, Wolsfeld, Dickey's, Long Lake and Tanager on Lake Minnetonka), as well as all the surrounding streams and wetlands. It encompasses three cities (Medina, Orono and Long Lake) and over 6,000 households.  

Long Lake Creek Watershed is also the headwater for Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek, which in turn flows into the Mississippi River.  

Many Minnesota residents and visitors enjoy these lakes, streams and wetlands for fishing, boating, birding, swimming and hiking, but many don’t know that the Long Lake Creek watershed is seriously degraded, and its problems are impacting the downstream water bodies.


Seven Lakes * Three Cities * One Watershed

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