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Join us on Earth Day Saturday: Walk for Water!

Earth Day Saturday: Walk For Water!
Earth Day Saturday: Walk For Water!
Meet in Summit Park on Long Lake on Saturday 4/23 from 2-4pm to walk with friends for water in celebration of our unique watershed - in honor of Earth Day! All Are Welcome - Dog Friendly - Bring Your Own Water Bottle
Apr 23, 2022, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Summit Park (eastern shore of Long Lake),
Orono, MN, USA
Here are some other simple things you can do to help our local watershed in Orono, Medina & Long Lake.


  • Help LLWA pool our collective strength as a community by becoming a Member and/or donating to Long Lake Waters Association (LLWA).  Your donation will help us put science-based solutions into action in the watershed and provide  education.  
  • Go for a walk and explore the many trails, lakes, creeks and wildlife in the two regional Scientific and Natural Areas (SNA) right here in our community - Wolsfeld Woods and Wood-Rill. 
  • Our Watershed is part of the larger Minnehaha Creek Watershed - join the MCWD e-Newsletter and subscribe to Splash for valuable information about the water issues and events in the area. 
  • Plant a rain garden to help filter runoff pollution and protect the lake and streams, while conserving water and creating habitat for birds and butterflies. Local nurseries can help you make a plan, here are two that would love to help... 
  • Consider becoming a Master Water Steward. MWS are sponsored by their local watershed district and are educated about water quality issues in their local region. 
  • Connect on social media and share your photographs of the watershed!! 
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